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Humboldt Project


The Humboldt Current supports one of the world’s most productive LMEs, representing approximately 18-20% of the global fish catch and hosting globally significant biodiversity which has led to its designation as a WWF Global 200. High environmental variability in the HCLME has significant impacts on ecosystem productivity and trophic structure. In addition, a range of anthropogenic activities are exerting pressure on this unique ecosystem.

In order to provide for long-term ecosystem resilience, the two countries propose to advance towards ecosystem-based management of HCLME by:



1. Formulating a strategic long-term planning framework for the identification and prioritization of actions needed to preserve and maintain HCLME ecosystem benefits and services through endorsement of a SAP that includes a plan for a system of MPAs of the HCLME.



      2. Implementation of a number of in-situ interventions (pilots) that validate differentiated management approaches and          targeted responses.




        3. Priority interventions for effective multi-disciplinary management of the HCLME delivered by developing coordinated fisheries management collaboration experiences, specific MPA management tools and legislation, and common MPA management strategies for up-scaling lessons from the pilots.

        4. Link the strategic instruments developed under Outcome 1 and the tools for upscaling and advancing the priority interventions under Outcome 3 by strengthening capacities for implementing the strategic planning frameworks by both public and private sectors, including through advancement of market-based mechanisms.




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              EBM Concept


              Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a term used to describe a balanced way of managing resources while taking the surrounding ecosystem into account. There is no one definition of EBM, but this definition is widely quoted:  "…ecosystem management is integrating scientific knowledge of ecological relationships within a complex sociopolitical and values framework toward the general goal of protecting native ecosystem integrity over the long term." *

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