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EBM Concept

Brief concept of EBM

Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a term used to describe a balanced way of managing resources while taking the surrounding ecosystem into account. There is no one definition of EBM, but this definition is widely quoted:  "…ecosystem management is integrating scientific knowledge of ecological relationships within a complex sociopolitical and values framework toward the general goal of protecting native ecosystem integrity over the long term." *

Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) is a management approach that**:

  • Integrates ecological, social, and economic goals and recognizes humans as key components of the ecosystem.
  • Considers ecological- not just political- boundaries.
  • Addresses the complexity of natural processes and social systems and uses an adaptive management approach in the face of resulting uncertainties.
  • Engages multiple stakeholders in a collaborative process to define problems and find solutions.
  • Incorporates understanding of ecosystem processes and how ecosystems respond to environmental perturbations.
  • Is concerned with the ecological integrity of coastal-marine systems and the sustainability of both human and ecological systems.


*Grumbine, R. E. “What is Ecosystem Management?” Conservation Biology 8 (1994): pp. 27-38


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