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BULLETIN 5: May-June 2013

Taller ERE en La Serena, Chile (Mayo,2013)

Both in Peru and Chile, the drafting process of the 5 thematic reports which form the basis of the Ecosystem Diagnostic Analysis (ADE) has been completed, which also provides the Causal Chain Analysis (CCA). The Terms of Reference that will identify the consultants to integrate these documents in a single report in both countries will be published soon in order to build the Transzonal Ecosystem Diagnostic Analysis (TEDA).

In this bulletin you will  find news regarding:

  • Anchovy protein project, PERU
  • Workshop on Ecological Risk Assessment, CHILE
  • ECOCEANICA presented a study on Marcona, PERÚ
  • Dialogue Workshops with communities, PERU
  • International Women Congress, CHILE
  • RV Cabo de Hornos begins active duty, CHILE
  • Workshop on Causal Chain Analysis (CCA), PERÚ
  • Training on whale events, ECUADOR
  • Course on digital echograms analysis, Peru
  • Workshop on diagnosis of Chilean Jack Mackerel, Peru
  • Marine ExpoFair, CHILE
  • IFOP signs agreements with UCSC y CEAZA, CHILE

Please download the bulletin here

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